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Kimberly Bryant

Postponed Talk No. 14

Kimberly Bryant Join us for our May edition of Passion Projects to welcome Kimberly Bryant to the stage. Kimberly is the Founder and Executive Director of Black Girls CODE, a non-profit organization dedicated to introducing girls of color to technology and computer programming. Since 2011, Ms. Bryant has helped Black Girl CODE grow from a local organization in the Bay Area, to an international organization with chapters in 7 US cities and Johannesburg, South Africa.

“Kimberly is the founder of BlackGirlsCode”

She has been identified as a thought leader in the area of tech inclusion and has spoken on the topic at events such as Personal Democracy Forum, TedX Kansas City, Platform Summit, Big Ideas Festival, SXSW, and others.You can find her on Twitter.

May Alba

Postponed Talk No. 15

May Alba We're delighted to welcome May Alba for our June edition of Passion Projects. May is the founder and CEO of where she is firmly advancing one of her core beliefs: that everyone should enjoy full control of their sexual and reproductive rights, no matter their economic situation or location. May began this journey after losing a very dear friend to AIDS.

“May is the founder & CEO of”

Through the humanitarian arm of her startup she has donated condoms and taken sexual health seminars to thousands of people in rural and underprivileged communities in Mexico. You can find her on Twitter.

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Every month we host a talk at a different venue in San Francisco. Around 100 members of our community meet, make, and mingle with new friends and hear an inspiring talk from an incredible woman in the tech industry. Past speakers have included engineers, designers, letterers, and community developers. A typical event looks something like this:

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Past Speakers & Talks

Our most recent talk was given by Dana McCallum. Dana is a senior engineer at Twitter. She was the lead engineer on Twitter's API for two years, helped create Twitter's advertiser API, and now works on social graph infrastructure. As an advocate for women in engineering and the LGBT community, Dana has helped create advocacy teams at Twitter and other companies and has served as a delegate on women's issues in India with the U.S. Department of State. You can find Dana on GitHub and Twitter.

“Dana is a senior engineer at Twitter and co-founded Lambda Ladies” Her Talk on Programming & Hobbies

Short Documentary Series

We sat down with a few past speakers to talk more about how they came to do the thing they're doing now. Our first installment of this short documentary series is featuring developer Rachel Myers.

“I'm pretty sure that I'm just as smart...” How Rachel Myers Learned to Code

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About Passion Projects

When we first started Passion Projects, we wanted to surface and celebrate the work of incredible women in our industry, as well as produce more female role models within the tech community. After hearing 9 unique origin stories from past speakers, we're realizing the power and value of the communities their talks inspire.

By attending a Passion Projects talk, you're helping to create an environment where people can meet and make new friends, share their own experiences, and be a part of building a stronger and healthier community and support network with our peers.

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